It is important to know what types of websites are linking to our own website. So we have to find out by listing out all of the possible sites that are linking to our sites and possibly see if there are any anonymous or malicious software linking back.

These types of list really helps Membership program, Loyalty Program, and CXM software to boost their identify. Knowing what they are good for and so on. It gives a clear direction for the marketers what to do and how to plan for their future ahead marketing plan. With the new CXM software, it will gives a broader picture of analysis of the current business model.

Consumer CRM, a CRM tool built by Eber membership, customer loyalty, CXM software provider. What it does is gives business a clearer and transparency data. In Eber, client keeps all the data and Eber will not be collecting any of your customer information. Your data is always yours. We also have a list of functions or tools whereby our client are able to use it to increase their brand exposure, brand identity, custom page design for their loyalty program framework.
Email sending tools are all included in the software itself!