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Vinylicious cater not only to Vinyl Records aficionados but as a well stocked CD Shop in Singapore we offer an eclectic range of music, CDs, nostalgic Singapore Vinyl, as well as worldwide collectible Vinyl Records for the discerning. Whether it is rock records, the classic “big band” vinyl or the joy of shopping for nostalgic vinyl records online in Singapore, we welcome you to our site and bid you a wonderful online shopping experience for music – with CDs, Records, Vinyl and LPs delivery right at your doorsteps – all with highly convenient payment options.


  • Type: Retail
  • Number of Stores: 3
  • Multi-tiered Free Member Program

Vinylicious Member Program

  • Every dollar spent entitle to earn 1 point for qualified member.
  • Accumulated points can be use to upgrade member tier
  • Unique privileges and benefits to each specific tier


Eber help to convert their manual membership registration that takes days to process to digital signup that give member instant application. Multi Tier membership also helps Vinylicious to manage and provide rewards to their members efficiently.