Keep your customers close with a Cxm suitable for all kinds of retail outlets

On average, loyal customers are worth up to 10x as much as their first purchase. 83% loyalty program members say that rewards programs
make them more likely to continue doing business with a certain brand.


REFASH founder, Aloysius Sng, noticed for a long time that his wife have a problem of a bursting closet like every woman. With that epiphany, Sng went on to build Refash, an omni-channel secondhand fashion store to solve the issues at hand surrounding clothing wastage as well as to provide an easy alternative to clear the closet.

refash phone

Features Used

With the membership program running for 2 years, most of the customers converted into Refash member almost instantly

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Messaging Tools

Successfully triggered more than 1500 e-mails and SMS

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Digital Membership

2 years membership, renewable with points


Point System

More than 300,000 points claimed


Voucher Reward

Exchange points with cash voucher

aloysius sng

“We are able analyse the purchasing patterns, to see how often they come back to us, and because of the points given, we also realise how much additional sales it is bringing to us. And then because we have their data, we are able to engage them when we have events. So it’s a lot more targeted.”

Aloysius Sng
REFASH Founder

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