Introducing World's First Experience Directory

We reimagine the way your brand creates unique experiences your customer will never forget. Our Experience Directory provides selections of ready-to-use experiences and you can launch in minutes. There is no one size fit all, adjust your preferences to fit your brands and objectives anytime.

Digital Member Card

Go cardless. Present member card via mobile.


Build a loyalty program to reward your returning customers and loyal members.

Virtual Stamp Card

Encourage recurring sales by issuing stamps when customers make a purchase.


Manage a membership program that incurs payment to signup and renew.


Keep your costs low by focusing on customers who already love your products and services

Birthday Treats

Surprise every member on their birthday. Send birthday wishes or rewards to your birthday members.


Create any kind of content with built-in drag and drop function.


Generate a custom form to gather all the data and understand consumer behaviour.



Create email campaigns, send them out and get instant reports with our integrated email marketing tool.


Inform members on your latest events and promotions to encourage them to shop with you.

Direct Message

Customers are able to send you messages, questions, and give feedback privately.


Gift Card

Gift cards encourage customers who haven't visited you in a while to come back and shop. Most gift card users end up spending more than the face value.

Paid Membership

Manage a membership program that incurs payment to signup and renew.

Prepaid Revenue

Craft prepaid packages to help secure your future revenue up to 12 months in advance


Member Management

Manage your members’ data with preferred information on your customized member system.


Plan your strategies from your collected data through summary reports and analytics.


A sleek data visualization tool that presents you detailed information about your members.


Web App

Allow your members to access their information via your brand’s platform on their mobile devices.

Store App

A native tablet app equipped with powerful features that allows you to perform member operations in your physical store front.


Customers can save their member cards into their Apple Wallet and Android Wallet for easy access.


Store Terminal

Equip your store with a stylish handheld, wireless, Android terminal that runs the Eber StoreApp.


Collect data by providing free WiFi services. Send customers messages whenever they are nearby.


PoS System

Eber is designed to easily integrate with other solutions. API is available for in-house integration.


Integration with platforms that offer a seamless online ordering system and customer database management.

Ordering Platform

Integrates into a platform that easily allows your members to earn points and redeem rewards.​


Integrate with a variety of Property Management Systems to coordinate operational functions for the hospitality business.


Charge and receive payments securely with reputable payment gateways.


Integration with various reservation platforms that supports real-time bookings, table management, CRM and more.