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A solution offering seamless member experience for guests and hoteliers. Launch a fully customizable hotel loyalty program that keeps your guests connected to your brand.

Feel recognized through member exclusive benefits

No app to install, no card to carry, no password to remember

Receive timely and targeted updates and rewards

Benefits for Member

Did you know that...

Benefits for Hotel 

Hotel loyalty programs are proven to deliver results particularly in the areas of revenue, stay frequency and guest spendings. 

Loyalty programs accounted for a 57% rise in bedroom avenue

 — Centre for Hospitality Research 

“Eber has helped The Sukhothai build a hotel loyalty programme for our customers. It’s easy to use and it's quick in the sense that there is no card to carry, therefore guests find this convenient and efficient… The guests get to stay up-to-date with the hotels' promotions — therefore, this provides us with a great CRM.” 

— The Sukhothai Bangkok 

Integrate to PMS

This integration helps to seamlessly import your guest stays from Opera to Eber’s system, allowing points to be issued instantly via Eber’s platform. 


Once a guest receives points of your hotel, this TripAdvisor integration triggers a request to the guest to give a review of the hotel.

Payment Gateway 

Connect with payment gateway such as Stripe in collect payments such as paid member program and gift cards.

Drive revenue, stay frequency and guest spendings from returning guest

Receive direct bookings from members

Get more insights on guests for the for marketing strategies and decision making.

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Implementing a hotel loyalty program and offering member’s-only perks is the best way to make your guests feel special. Use birthday treats to make them feel valued, and entice them with lucrative member exclusive promotions as well as rewards when they book directly with your hotel — all in a timely and targeted manner. 

The best part?

The simplicity of the entire experience, because there is no app to install, no card to carry, and no password to remember.


Eber is integrated into most popular shopping carts, which means your setup is ready in minutes. API is also available to those who want to send in member activities.

79% of consumers only consider brands that show they care and understand about their individual needs

Eber kick-starts a smart member system for online, offline, and omnichannel retailers by utilizing a comprehensive loyalty rewards system, marketing, and analytical tool.

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More PMS Integrations

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Presell events, products and services. Presell multiple use package. Create, promote and get payment confirmation instantly. We support multiple types of packages including - 

One use : eg. Buffet Dinner Voucher,

 Multi Use: eg. Buffet Dinner Vouchers - $500 prepaid for 10 buffet dinner, enjoy anytime, and 

Multi Items: eg. Spa and dining package - $350 for Spa session for 2 and Romantic dinner for 2.

Prepaid Packages

Reinvent the Gift Card solution. Sell and manage Digital & Physical Gift Card effortlessly. 

Prepaid value gift card helps business generate more revenues. Existing members may send gift card as a gift to their friends or love ones on their special occasion, hence expanding your customers base.

Gift Card

Selling of membership to your customers helps to generate additional revenue to your business. In return, you may provide benefits and privileges exclusively to your paying members, and engage with them via updates and promotions sent through our built-in marketing messaging tool.

Paid Membership

Receive reports and study trends and information of your guests for the purpose of developing well-planned marketing strategies in the future, all through the dynamic dashboard tool.