Managed Service – Eber

Your Member Program, Managed by the Pro.

Our branding manager will manage your member program and ensure all aspects of your member program is in top condition.
So you can focus on what you do best, welcoming your repeat customers!

Essential Managed
USD 690
Setup and USD 690 Monthly Fee
All essential setup is taken care of by our brand manager. Launch your member program effortlessly.
Setting Up
Member Web App Theme
Menu Page Branding
Rewards Setup (Up to 5)
Member Card Design
Points Structure
Birthday Rewards
Member Profile Fields
StoreApp Setup (Background, Buttons and Transaction fields)
Monthly Management
Managed Member Program
Rewards Management (Up to 5)
1 x Monthly Marketing Message Campaign to All Members
1 Hour of Engagement Report & Discussion with Brand Manager
4 Hours Management Work (Program & Rewards Updates, etc)
Advanced Managed
USD 1290
Setup and USD 690 Monthly Fee
More complex member program setup. Fully branded and configured down to every detail, done by our branding manager.
Setting Up
All of Essential Setups
One Branded Email Templates
Customiza Activities Message
Member Email Statement
2 x Auto Engagement Message
Website Widget Setup
Paid Membership Setup
StoreApp Customization (Language and Staff Guide)
Member Auto Upgrade and Downgrade
Social Media Bonus Point
Guided 3rd Party Platform Integration
Monthly Management
Rewards Management (10)
3 x Monthly Tergeted (Using Segmentation) Marketing Message Campaign
2 Hour of Engagement Report & Discussion with Brand Manager
8 Hours Management Work (Program & Rewards Updates, etc)
Setting Up and Management of Sessional Rewards inculded Posting to Social Media Account
Enterprise Managed
From USD 2000
Setup and Monthly Fee
For a fully customized setup. You will be able to discuss every detail of your member program with our branding manager in advance.
Setting Up
All Advanced Setups
Planning with Brand Manager
Customized Setups
Monthly Management
A Customized Management Plan
Monthly Discussion with Brand Manager

Listed price is the staff cost of managing the member program.
You need an active Eber subscription.

Is this an outsourced media agency service?

No, we are not able to do what a full flag marketing agency can do. We just do what we do best, keeping your member program in top condition. If you are interested in getting an all-in-one solution, do check with our partners listed on this page.  

Does the service comes with on-site support?

No, the service only comes with remote video call support. If you require on-site setup and support, please talk to one of our partner listed on this page.  

Is the listed price inclusive of all cost?

No, the listed price is the staff cost of managing the member program. You will still need to subscribe one of the Eber service plans.  

How long is the setup takes typically?

Depends on the complexity of your member program, it may take 1-4 weeks usually.

We are in country XXX, we need to manage a member program is not based on English.

Sorry that we can only manage member program in the English language. You can talk to one of our partner in your region, listed on this page.  

What is the difference between engaging Eber and one of the Eber's partner?

All of our partners can provide value added services such as on-site support in your city, localized language and branding, and other forms of marketing and all-in-one solutions. So you can get a more customized solution from our partner.  

Does Eber's partner service cost the same as the listed price in this page?

No, each of our partners has their specialty. They operate in different part of the world. Hence, their service costly differently. Please pick one within your region that is suitable for you and discuss with them about your need.

Need something more?

Discover our expert partners now!

Why Choose an Eber Expert Partners?

Eber Experts

An Eber expert partner works closely with Eber product team to delivery your ideal member program.

Local Knowledge

Our partners are located in different part of the world, speak your local language, and are knowledgeable in your local region.

Onsite Service

Excellent onsite service that you can speak to an expert that can solve your problem and answer your questions in person instantly.

Your Reginal Experts

With the world of possibilities of Eber, managed by your regional marketing expert. You are all set bringing your business to the next level. Eber understands that a robust solution isn’t enough, you may need local marketing expert, on-site service, and continues advice.


That’s why we work with some of the great marketing agency and consultants in your region to co-offer Eber solution. This way, the possibilities are limitless, and you can get an all-in-one solution from your regional expert.

Region: UAE
Language: English, Arabic
On-site Service: Yes

An interactive technology company of entrepreneurs, seasoned developers, and passionate, tech-savvy marketers. We believe in a full partnership approach that starts with understanding the brand strategy and objectives and supporting the two in order to achieve them.

Rocale Global
Region: Singapore, Australia, Indonesia
Language: English, Bahasa
On-site Service: Yes

Rocale Global is a full-fledged Brand Development, Licensing and Franchising Agency with Digital & Retail Technology capabilities. We have partners with operations throughout the Asia-Pacific region. We have successfully developed and managed brand extension programs for well-known consumer brand names and manufacturers, primarily in the fashion, character entertainment and food & beverage industry.

Region: Amman, Dubai, Abu Dhabi
Language: English, Arabic
On-site Service: Yes
Industry: Restaurants, Retails
Serivces: PoS, Inventory, Email Marketing, Loyalty

A small team of web & app developers. We help startups & small to medium sized businesses build, maintain, and grow their products. We provide consulting services for startups and restaurants in Amman, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Solutions we provide including Square For dine-in restaurants, our solutions include TouchBistro