Birthday Rewards

Automatically send birthday wishes, rewards or bonus points to your birthday members. You can even allow members to earn double points during birthday month while spending.

✔   Set combination of what to offer – points, rewards, and/or gift card

✔   Set when to trigger – first day of birthday month, one week before, etc

✔   Set different offer for different members based on their membership tier

✔   Automated notification to notify member about their rewards

✔   Customized wishes for your members


Be part of your member’s birthday celebration

Decide how you would like your members celebrating their birthday with your products and services. You can offer a combination of rewards, points, and gift cards. Send a prepared birthday message to your members, together with your offers. They can come to spend their birthday rewards and gift cards within the set period of time, making their happy birthday happier.


You decide when is the best timing

You may have our system to send the automated message on the first day of birthday month or a number of days before that. Members will be able to view their birthday offers in the branded web app easily.


Different rewards for different membership tiers

If you are running multi-tiered membership, you can give distinct offers to each group. For example, a simple birthday discount for all of your basic tier members, but a greater rewards or even a gift card for your VIP, knowing that they will come to spend further.