Digital Member Card

Digital member card is issued instantly upon registration of membership online or on Eber StoreApp in store. Members will receive SMS with their unique link to access Eber member WebApp to view their card and more.

✔   Use your own digital member card image

✔   Different member card and setting for multiple membership tiers

✔   Digital member card is created and issued instantly after member sign up.

✔   Digital member card URL link is sent via SMS

✔   Secure URL link in SMS cannot be reused

✔   Add member’s photo on digital member card


Digital member card is issued instantly

EBER works with real retailers and build a technology for your customers to receive their member card instantly. Within seconds after a customer becomes your member, they will receive a SMS. With just one click on a unique link shown on the SMS, they will receive their member card instantly. Along with member program information and, if any, welcome rewards.

Collecting more information at the right timing

In many cases, customers drop out during the member sign up process, this is because some businesses are asking too many questions up front. The more questions or fields in a signup form you eliminate, the higher will your member acquisition rate go. You can setup a quick sign up form to acquire new members, and collect more information later. This is done by collecting more information after they receive their digital member card. Your member can update more information at their own time. You can make some of the fields mandatory when an action needs to be taken, for example, before redeeming their first reward.

Branded member card design

Your member card design is unique and you can update the card design anytime. Your digital member card is what your members will firstly see once after they signup.

Member card can be added to mobile wallet

Digital member card can be stored in your customer’s’ phone natively in the Wallet application. On Apple’s iPhone, your member card can be stored alongside with other credit card and cards that your customer own. This is a simple and elegant way for your customer to access the member card when needed. In addition, once the customer adds the member card to the Wallet application, it will become location aware. This means that once the customer is near or inside your store, the member card will automatically show up on their home screen.