Marketing Messaging

Send customised marketing messaging and reach directly to customers through SMS and Emailer. Inform members on your latest events and promotions to encourage them to shop with you.

✔   Built-in email marketing

✔   Built-in SMS marketing

✔   Reports on each campaign

✔   Customise automated SMS and email message

✔   Export to 3rd party marketing software like MailChimp

✔   Automate your marketing effort like Birthday Rewards


Keep connected with your member base via email

You can create email campaigns, sending them out and get reports with our integrated email marketing tool. Create from our range of email template or upload your own. If there is a need, you may export contacts and email addresses to your own marketing tool, like Mailchimp.

Send marketing SMS to your members

Connect with your members using SMS marketing messages. You can send messages to one or more members. SMS sender name is branded, so your members know exactly who is sending the message.  SMS is chargeable by telecom operators, please check the price with us.

Custom notification messages to your members

Customise messages that you will be sending to new members, when they claim points or redeem rewards. Both SMS and email messages can be customised.

Know the performance for each of your campaign

For every email campaign you send, you can see statistics like open and click rate. Access reports in business portal anytime.