Multi Tiered Membership

Setup membership tier to cater different group of members and reward them with exclusive privilege individually in your program.

✔   Add as many tiers as needed

✔   Add a rewards specific to one or selected tier

✔   Add welcome rewards, points and gift card for each tier

✔   Add birthday rewards, points and gift card

✔   Automated birthday rewards notification to members

✔   Automated member tier upgrade when a member claim reward

✔   Add an expiry date for membership

✔   Unique member card images for each tier

Tier vinylicious

Multi-tiered Membership

You can create multiple tiers membership program with EBER. Simply add as many membership tiers as you wish. For example, you may wish to have a Basic tier for your new customers, a Silver tier for your frequent customers and a Gold tier for your VIPs.

Membership Fee

You may also choose to charge a membership fee for one or more tiers. For example, Gold tier would cost $50 per year.

Welcome Rewards

Offer welcome rewards, points or a gift card to newly joined members. For example, 100 points for a new Basic tier member and 300 points for a new Gold tier member.