Multiple Stores

Supporting multiple stores to provide accessibility and convenience to both business and  customers. Members will be able to benefits with their membership on all stores and businesses manages all stores from one access point.

✔   Setup and manage multiple stores

✔   Add new store anytime

✔   Access control for each staff

✔   Manage individual staff list and passcode for each store

✔   Dashboard for each store

✔   View activities of point claims, reward redemptions and gift card by store

✔   Real-time membership data across all stores


Manage any number of stores

Effortlessly manage your membership program for multiple stores. All changes can be made using the business portal, including change of policy or seasonal updates. Changes will go live instantly to all your stores and member base.

Synchronised information

EBER works on a secure cloud storage on an IBM network, all your information is synchronized across your stores and your back office. Live member information and activities can be viewed anytime. Multiple reports based on individual store or the entire member program are accessible anytime from the business portal.

Seamless access control

Access control is important when you are running multiple stores. Invite more people into your organisation to access EBER but retain control of what they can see and do. For example, your can set up staff with view access or full control to change different aspects of your membership program. For the Store App in each store, you may set up a staff passcode for each staff so that you can identify who has made each transaction.