Paid Membership

Selling of membership to your customers helps to generate additional revenue to your business. In return, you may provide benefits and privileges exclusively to your paying members.

✔   Enable sign up with Store App

✔   Customise what information to collect from customer

✔   Members receive their digital member card instantly

✔   Setup welcome offers for members after they sign up or renew

✔   Multi-tiered membership

✔   Set price for each membership tiers

✔   Receive online payment via your own payment gateway*

✔   Online sign up page for your membership


Easy and simple sign up process for you and your members

EBER Store App enables a very simple registration process. No more filling up paper form or waiting days for the back office to process a registration. You member receive their digital member card instantly after they sign up.

Welcome offers – points, rewards and/or gift card

Give your new members special treats, you may offer them points, rewards, and/or gift cards as a welcome gift. All the offers will be available and stored together with their newly received digital member card.

Customisable member details

We collect some basic information during the registration process. However, we understand every business is unique, you have the freedom to pick and select what data you need from customers and add-on extra fields anytime you wish. In additional, you can decide to collect some non-essential information after the registration process, giving your customer a better experience.

Sell multiple membership tiers with multiple pricing

You may set up and sell multi-tiered membership with different pricing and privileges.

Online registration and payment

Seamlessly integrate your offline and online registration process. You may even link your payment gateway so that you receive credit card payment from your customers online. 

No cost or commission of what you sell

EBER is the next generation software for you to manage your program, we do not charge any commission or taking any cut from your sales. You will continue to use your standard POS to collect payment in-store. If you are using our Online Store, simply link it to your payment gateway. All you have to pay for online sales is your payment gateway fee.