Physical Card

Physical card may create a better impact on membership program especially to those who do not own a smartphone. Eber supports physical membership card or gift card to businesses who still preferred issuing physical card to their members.

✔   Generate QR codes

✔   Store App can scan QR code printed on physical card

✔   Each QR code comes with serial number for simple tracking

physical card

Physical Gift Card

Sometimes, a physical gift card is the elegant way to be presented as a gift. It’s also a nice way to display them at your checkout counter to remind your existing customers that they can buy them as a gift. EBER supports physical gift card, your staff can activate a physical gift card at the Store App and present it to your customer instantly after they purchase one. We also support partial usage and topping up of gift card value, see more in our Gift Card section.

Physical Member Card

In some cases, businesses require a physical member card in their operations or want to issue a physical member card to members for their status to be recognized. EBER supports issuing of physical member card and Store App supports scanning of QR code printed on physical card. Pre-printed member cards can be issued immediately to a member by tying it to their mobile phone number and other information.

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