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One Member & Rewards Program for Omnichannel Retailers

Managing member program has never been more simpler.

Omnichannel Member and Reward App

One Member Experience, Work Everywhere

You members will enjoy a seamless experience no matter they shop with you online or offline. Member widget designed for both desktop and mobile is available on website as they shop. While a Web App URL is pushed to them when they are in your store.

One member experience for online and offline store

Reward Your Customers No Matter Where They Shop

Your member earn their way to rewards when they buy from you offline or online. Encouraging them to come back to you again and again on both channels.

Drive Customers Between Your Channels

Do you want to drive your offline customers to online, or the other way round? You can automatic push rewards to encourage them to do so.

Know Your Customers Behaviours

How many percentage of your customers shop both online and offline? Check out your customers activities in their profiles and reports.

Deploy In Days, See Instant Results

Eber is integrated into most popular shopping carts, which means your setup is ready in minutes. For physical storefronts, you can simply deploy our StoreApp which runs on any iPad and Android tablet. API is also available to those who want to send in member activities.

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