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One Member & Rewards Program for Omnichannel Retailers

Managing member program has never been more simpler.

Reward your customers no matter where they shop

Your member earn their way to rewards when they buy from you offline or online. Encouraging them to come back to you again and again on both channels

Reward your customers no matter where they shop
Image to show Know your customers behaviours

Know your customers behaviours

Understanding consumers holistically can be key to success. Plan your business strategy based on collected customers data from your member system with Eber reports and analytics.

Deploy in days,
see instant results

Eber is integrated into most popular shopping carts, which means your setup is ready in minutes. Simply deploy our StoreApp which runs on any iPad and Android tablet for the storefronts.

Image that show how Eber are able to Deploy in days, see instant results

What are our customers saying?

Aloysius from Refash that uses Eber's management system to retain their customer's data and rewards their customer
"There 's no way that we could've understand our customers a lot more than we could have today with a loyalty program. We are able to analyze the purchasing patterns, how often they are coming back to us, and because of the points that we give them, we also realize how much additional sales it is bringing us"
Refash, one of our eber's client logo.
Aloysius Sng
Refash Founder

Join omnichannel brand with Eber

hebeloft, Eber's loyal clients on management software
Press, another retailer that uses Eber's management software to manage their member's points, data and customer behaviour
Naiise, another e-commerce retailer that uses Eber in their website to do membership points system
Yacht 21, one of Eber's clients that is actively using our membership management software

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