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A Smart Member System for Your Restaurant and Retail Store

Eber built-in with loyalty program, gift card system, marketing tool. Our StoreApp works on any iPad and Android tablets, so that you can perform member operations in-store.

No Card to Carry. No App to Install.
No Password to Remember.

With our creative technology, members can be acquired in less than 10 seconds, while gift cards can be sold in-store and online instantly. Your branded mobile Web App URL included a digital member card is pushed to your customer instantly.


Customer enter their mobile number at checkout.


They receive an SMS with a link to their membership and points.


Their digital membership card can be viewed with one simple click via SMS.

Build for Retailers and Restaurateurs

Eber simplifies the entire process for business owners to build a membership program. It can be customized and deployed in a day. Eber team is dedicated to making your membership program a success.

Eber CustomersEber CustomersEber CustomersEber Customers


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Physical Card Support

Physical Card

We support physical member card and gift card.


Branded Member App

Branded Web App

Member info is always available on your customer’s mobile phone.


Digital Membercard

Digital Member Card

No card to carry, no app to install, receive digital member card instantly.



Paid Membership

Manage a membership program that incurs payment to signup and renew.



Marketing Messaging

Connect to your member base with a built-in marketing tool.


Digital Member Card

Multi-Tiered Membership

One size does not fit all! Add multi-tiered membership to fit your needs.


Multiple Stores

Run membership program across multiple retail outlets.



Build a loyalty scheme to reward your returning customers and members.


Birthday Rewards

Birthday Treats

Suprise every member on their birthday.


“Once you create a loyal customer base, it’s tough for a competitor to take that away.”

Joe Mansueto
CEO, Morningstar Inc.

You are in good company, we work with retailers big and small

Featured in some of the largest startup conference

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