Run a Customer Loyalty Program

Still not rewarding your most loyal customers? Hang, on. You can change that.

Join 500+ brands using Eber to manage customer loyalty and grow.

Loyalty marketing made simple

Create points-based membership tiers. Incentivize customers to buy more over time to unlock higher levels. Give them surprises, better rewards, gifts, anything you can think of!

Build on your success. Keep loyal customers engaged with special sales, gifts & offers exclusive to them

Expand. Reward customers when they make referrals online & offline so you can grow faster

5 million+ members served by Eber's platform

"Eber understands businesses and works around businesses. The team is very responsive and would go above and beyond to solve any challenge."

Marcus Wong, Chief Commercial Officer of Capitol Optical

"Very responsive team, always willing to make the best of the projects. My favourite part of the experience is how open Eber's Customer Loyalty Software is to develop new integrations and find the best way to deploy the infrastructure."

Tomas Lucena, IT Manager

"With the new digital membership system in place, the processing time of the Faber Licence membership has been significantly reduced and management of membership privileges has become so much easier."

Yong Qiao Qing, Senior Manager, Guest Relations & CRM, One Faber Group

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