Loyalty Program Health Check – are you getting the results you want?

A quick check on your current loyalty program, optimise it to get the results you need.

Is your loyalty program quick and easy to use?

How’s the after-sales support with the vendor?

Does it give you a good insight into your customers’ experience and journey? Does it help you better understand customers?

Can the analytics deliver a comprehensive sales report?

Is it compatible with today’s technology? Can it work for multiple stores?

If you answered ‘no’ to some of the questions above, then perhaps it’s time to review your loyalty program and how it works. It’s time for a health check.

Let’s look at a few elements that can help you determine whether or not your loyalty program will be successful in the long run.

Ease Of Use

The first rule of a loyalty program is that it should be easy to use for your customers.

It should be easy for your customers to earn points and redeem them. The loyalty program structure itself should be easy to understand.

You should also be able to design a loyalty program that suits the needs of your business and can help you achieve your goals.

A good loyalty program should also make it easy for you to engage with your customers. Does it come with a messaging function like EDM? Are you able to easily issue special offers like birthday rewards?

The right loyalty program will help you do all that – and more.

Performance & Data

The next criteria is the performance of the app. First of all, is the app functioning seamlessly? How long does it take for the pages to load?

Customers don’t like spending too much time waiting for a page to load or going through a complicated process to redeem their rewards. That defeats the purpose of a loyalty program.

Next is data.

Data can help your business predict consumer behavior, improve decision-making, and measure the return on investment (ROI).

Your loyalty program should have a good dashboard or analytics function that gives you this information.

It should be able to give you in-depth information about your customers touchpoints.

A good dashboard and analytics can help you keep track of how much revenue is each of your customers bringing in.

You’d also need a CRM function to help you analyse the growth of revenue and customers.

With a good loyalty program, you will be able to measure your business revenue before and after implementing the loyalty program.

Tech & Support

One of the crucial elements of a good loyalty program is that it has a good after-sales support.

If your vendor is unresponsive and takes too long to get back to you, those are red flags that you need to be aware of. You want to make sure to be dealing with a vendor whose ultimate priority is customer satisfaction.

Aside from that, it’s also important that your loyalty program is up to date and compatible with the latest technology.

For example, you have a loyalty program attached to your physical store. But now you want to integrate it with your online store which is using WooCommerce, for example.

Can it be integrated? Will the process be seamless?

Whichever loyalty software you pick, it is important to make sure that the data is open and able to integrate with all your current and future systems.

These are some important points to note when choosing and evaluating a good loyalty program.

All In One

A good loyalty program should have a wide range of marketing tools for you to use. Otherwise, you’d end up spending too much money purchasing additional products to complement your loyalty program.

For example, some loyalty programs are limited to points and redemption only. Which means business owners have to fork out extra cash for gift card generators, e-vouchers, referral tools, messaging tools for EDM and SMS, and so on.

If you have a big budget, then it’s okay. But if you don’t, it’s best to invest your money in one tool that offers the whole spectrum of a loyalty program. That way, you can maximise results and profits at a lower cost.

Customer Experience

Last but not least, your customers. What is their feedback on your loyalty program?

Do they commend it for its ease and convenience? Or do they complain about how difficult or annoying it is?

Would they recommend you to their friends and family based on your loyalty structure?

If your loyalty program is not making customers happy, then it is definitely time to switch. There’s no point in continuing with a program that does not benefit your customers.

The whole point of getting a loyalty program is to increase profits – which can only happen when you ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

If your answers to the above are all positive, then congratulations, you have found a good app vendor!

If you think you can do better, then feel free to reach out to us and we’ll be more than happy to give you an upgrade. 

Here’s a quick glance on Eber’s ready-to-use features:

Membership & Experiences

  • Personalised web app with your own branding
  • Multi-tier membership
  • Points and stamps rewards redemption
  • Sales tools; gift cards, e-vouchers
  • Built in referral program

Built-in Messaging

  • EDM with drag & drop email template builder
  • SMS & push notifications


  • Instant customer profiling
  • Purchase tracking
  • Messaging analytics
  • E-store analytics


  • Ready e-commerce integration
  • POS system integration
  • Open API for integration with 3rd party system