Delight Your Customer With Your Very Own Loyalty Program

Can you imagine purchasing with the same brand the 10th time – yet you are not recognized nor rewarded as a loyal customer. At the same time, 77% of transactional based loyalty programs fail within the first 2 years.
Consumers today expect more than points and discounts. That’s why, with Eber cutting edge solutions and our experiences working with MNC as well as local businesses, we developed selections of ready to use Playbooks. They have the flexibility to fit into your customer segments and unique brand needs. No single loyalty program should be the same. 

Loyalty Points

Loyalty points are your brand currency. If you are issuing loyalty points, it’s important to think about how your members can earn and burn them. We need to pay attention not only to how members earn them, but also how points are redeemed. If the redemption rate is low, it means that we have an unhealthy system and members are not engaged.

Eber provides huge flexibility when it comes to loyalty points systems. From issuing basic multiples based on amount spent, to welcome points, birthday multiples and member tiers differentiation. All of those can contribute to a successful program.

Digital Stamps

Loyalty stamp cards are used by brands some time instead of points. The advantage of a stamp card is that it’s simple to understand. Collect 10 stamps to get a free item. However, traditional stamp cards in paper have a lot of flaws. To start with, it can be lost easily. The worst part is that even after we completed the 5th card, the brands normally won’t even know who we are.

By default, the cards are tied to the customer mobile numbers. We can collect stamps more easily and the card never gets lost. Finally, brands get to know who their customers are and can choose to reward more loyalty members differently.


Rewards is an important part of a loyalty program. But again each reward can be unique by itself. For example, an in-store redemption, online redemption, limited by quantity, limited by period, or even redeeming at partner outlets.

Eber Rewards Experience allows you to set up rewards in different redemption scenarios. It can be as simple or as complex as you like.

We also automate personalised Welcome Reward, Birthday Rewards, Anniversivery Rewards and more on Eber. No customer will be forgotten.

Ecommerce Rewards Redemption

Running an ecommerce or omni-channel business can also mean your members can claim a reward online. With Eber, your members can redeem an online reward right within the Eber website Widget. Depending on the ecommerce platform, your members could apply their discount right at the checkout page, making your redemption experience seamless.

Redemption Options

By working with brands of different sizes and various industrials. Eber understands that the redemption process can be very different depending on each operation. Customers can redeem their rewards via the Member Web App, at the physical store, or redeem from an online store. We believe our options can always fit into your unique requirements. 

Integrations & API

Eber already integrates with a long list of PoS software, ecommerce platforms and payment gateways. We also have an Open API, making integration to any other solution possible. API endpoints for adding new purchase transactions and retrieving member points details are available.

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