Ecommerce Loyalty

When it comes to launching a customer loyalty program for your ecommerce store. What you really want are enhancing consumer experiences by shopping with you, saying a big thank you for their businesses, and giving them a great reason to continue visiting you.

There is no one size fits all when it comes to consumer experience and customer journey, especially in today’s competitive stage. That’s why you need a comprehensive solution like Eber where you can customise your consumers’ experience. Along the way, you also collect more information and understand your customers. 


Shopify has become one of the default options for businesses launching their online store. Eber is tightly integrated into Shopify checkout flow. No action is needed by your shopper. Their purchase is automatically mapped to their member account. Reward redemption is also seamlessly done.

More shopping cart

Eber also integrates with a long list of eCommerce and shopping cart software such as WooCommerce, Magento and OpenCart. Our API also makes it simple for your team to integrate to any other ecommerce software. 


Issuing points for purchases is done automatically with all of Eber shopping cart integration. There is no additional step needed by your shopper, they just checkout as usual.

Points are calculated automatically based on your settings. Different multiples can also be set based on member tiers, occasions such as birthdays or even skipping selected promotional items. Taxes and shipping charges can also be skipped if you choose to.

Mailing List

No more cluttered mailing list data, importing and exporting. All of your consumer data sits in one place and ready to trigger marketing campaigns. Email, SMS and Direct Messaging campaign tools are built-in to the Eber platform.

Purchase Analytics

Discover the power of data. Piecing together what items were sold and who bought them. You can understand your consumer purchase behaviour and take actions. Such as tagging all members who ordered “Chocolate Yogurt” and recommend your new Chocolate product on the next visit or even plan a marketing campaign.. 

Multi-Tiers Membership

When it comes to member programs, new customers just discovered your brand and VIP who have been with you for years deserve to be treated differently. Give your customers the right status. Eber comes with a flexible upgrade and downgrade settings, and it’s automated.

Reward Redemption

Reward redemption is seamlessly done on your online store. Depending on your shopping cart software, a discount can be automatically applied. Our Shopify addon is tightly integrated to it’s check out flow.

Physical Store & Pop Up

It’s common today for ecommerce brands to operate physical flagship stores or popup stores. With Eber, you don’t leave any customer behind. 

At physical stores, we offer a native App called Eber StoreApp, which is available from Apple AppStore and Google PlayStore. It can perform all operations such as registration, point issuing, reward redemption and member validation.

Direct Message

Eber latest feature is a Direct Message solution where your consumers can send  messages directly within Eber web app or website widget. It’s the most personal form of communication. Since the consumer does not need to mention who they are or what they purchased. Your staff have all information in one place, even knowing if they are VIPs, and respond confidently.


Provide a simple channel for customers to give feedback – so you can continue to improve your products and services. We enable you to quickly react to feedback and increase customer satisfaction.

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