Grow Customers​ with Eber Customer Loyalty Software

Most brands make the mistake of spending way too much money on getting new customers – while forgetting to spend enough resources on their existing ones.

It’s so important that you select the right customer loyalty solution to understanding customers and nurturing them into a loyal customer base. Keep marketing costs low with a successful strategy. Eber's customer loyalty software is set out to do just that for you.

Understand Your Customer Journey

Right from the get-go, we equip you with tools to keep track of customers’ touch points – anyone who has visited your store, bought from your store, or has visited your store multiple times, and more.

Build a Loyal Member Base

Eber worked with 200 consumer brands and developed a process that instantly engages any customer that visits your store – both online and offline. Members will immediately receive a digital card.

Consumer CRM

Get a 360 degree view into each consumer’s journey, experiences, feedback and conversation with your brand. Use this information to make informed decisions and even personalise their experience with your brand.


Eber allows you to engage with customers via multiple channels of your choice – such as website widget, progresive Web App and a native tablet app for physical store. Whether customers visit an outlet or online store via different devices, they are treated with the same experience. 

Smart Segmenting

Use our smart segmenting feature to understand customers and send out hyper-targeted messages. For example, create a segment of consumers who are young female adults and have not visited for more than 60 days.


Customers who receive great experiences are more likely to recommend a brand to their friends and family. These new customers you get via recommendations are referrals. Referrals are the easiest way to acquire new customers. 


Provide a simple channel for customers to give feedback – so you can continue to improve your products and services. We enable you to quickly react to feedback and increase customer satisfaction.

All Consumer Data in One Place

Eber gives you a peace of mind in knowing that all your consumer information is stored in one place – your online and offline customers, their purchase history, their feedback. This also makes it easy to engage your customers right on the same platform.

Open Data and API

Data openness and accessibility is extremely important. We need to ensure our software platform and data can play nice with all current and future software we use. Eber already integrates with a long list of PoS software, ecommerce platforms and payment gateways. We also have an Open API, making integration to any other solution possible.