A loyalty program that delight your hotel guests

With Eber, hotels and resorts can easily reward customers based on number of stays. Guests may accumulate points and redeem a complimentary night stay, a massage, or a free drink at the bar.

What you need to build a loyal base of brand advocates:

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Motivate action at every stage of your guest's journey


Immediately hook customers in by rewarding them for joining your loyalty program.


Increase engagement by awarding points when customers stay or spend in the hotels.


Encourage customers to redeem their rewards through offers like free stay, complimentary breakfast or spa service.


Get customers to join the paid membership to enjoy the privileges like food tasting or access to a secret menu.

Reward your hotel guests every time they take an action

Don’t stop at rewarding for purchases. Do more than that with an all-inclusive tool.

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Stay and spend in hotels

gift card

Joining membership

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Refer a friend


Submitting a review

Reward your patrons in the way that delights them

With this lineup of exciting rewards, customers are less likely to go to your competitor. Some of the rewards you can give to hotel guests:

Create urgency and excitement by pushing package deals

Another great source of additional revenue stream while upselling to customers through vouchers and package deals. Some examples of how it works:

Offer great benefits in exchange for a recurring fee from customers

A recent survey on loyalty programs found that members of paid loyalty programs are 60% more likely to spend more on the brand after subscribing. It also offers predictable revenue each month.

Types of paid loyalty programs:

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Reward your guests for spreading the word

We all know that the best kind of marketing is worth-of-mouth! Allow patrons to share unique referral links easily with friends and family through social channels.

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Make it effortless for customers to place orders, make reservations, and give feedback

70% of customers said they will stay loyal to a brand if they feel like they are being heard. Get feedback from your loyal customers and identify areas of improvement. Patrons can also place orders, make reservations and more with this feature.

Create form for any purpose:

Ready to build your loyalty program?

“Eber is easy to use and it’s quick in the sense that there is no card to carry, therefore guests find this convenient and efficient.”

The Sukhothai Bangkok,
5 Star Hotel in Thailand