Consumer loyalty is based on your ability to deliver a great customer experience

Delivering great customer experience is a powerful way to increase sales and generate more repeat business.

How to grow customer loyalty:

Loyalty Points

Use Points in your loyalty program to reward customers for purchases or visits. Grow brand engagement and build long-term customer relationships.


The best way to retain a customer is to offer them a reward for their loyalty. How it works is simple: For every dollar your customer spends, they will earn one loyalty point. The more they spend, the easier it is for them to get a FREE product or service from you. It’s quick and easy to redeem a loyalty reward.


Membership provides a sense of belonging to the brand, which breeds loyalty. Multi-level membership programs incentivize customers to spend more by moving up to higher levels of the program. You earn status just by enjoying what you already love.

Rewards Mall

Reward Mall enables your members to instantly redeem digital vouchers from popular brands such as Grab, Zalora and more. Vouchers can be used instantly after redemption, there is no commitment and no contract needed, redeemed voucher value is deducted from prepaid credit.

Purchase Submission

In this feature, users can submit their receipts from purchases to receive incentives. These images can be further reviewed and approved by the merchant or the corporation employee that received the purchase.