Grow Loyalty with Eber Customer Loyalty Solution

One-size-fit-all engagement does not work in today’s competitive stage. Your customers are people and not just numbers on a spreadsheet.

That’s why Eber's Customer Loyalty Software provides a selection of Playbooks. Playbooks are tools that you can quickly deploy and start engaging with your customers in a meaningful way. Review some of the available Playbooks below:

Personalised & Automated Greeting

From welcoming your customers to your program to thanking them for their purchases. How about an automated message asking for feedback? Our Campaign Bot gets it done for you – with a personalized touch. 

Reward by Customer Journey

Customers enjoy different rewards and privileges according to their spending behaviour and visit frequency. For example, VIP customers get premium benefits compared to new customers. Choose who you want to focus on to encourage multiple visits. 

Points & Stamps

Brand currency such as points and stamps is an important part of any loyalty program. Eber provides the flexibility you need so that loyal members can earn points faster and easier. Set other metrics for birthday month, weekends and holidays. 

No Customer Left Behind

One of the challenges in engaging customers are routine tasks like sending out timely rewards. Automate personalised messages for Welcome Rewards, Birthday Rewards, Anniversary Rewards and more. No customer gets left out.   

Multi-Tiers Membership

New customers who just discovered your brand and VIP customers who have been with you for years deserve to be treated differently. Give your customers the right status. Eber comes with a flexible upgrade/downgrade settings which is also automated.

Integrated Campaigns Tool

No more cluttered mailing list data, importing and exporting. All consumer data sits in one place and is ready to be triggered into marketing campaigns. Email, SMS and Direct Messaging campaign tools are all built-in to the Eber platform.

Targeted Audience

Send out targeted campaigns to different segments of customers based on interest or activity. For example, your latest salad menu can be sent out to the ‘salad lovers’ segment. Or your new, high end product line can be sent to the VIP segment. 

Direct Message

Eber’s latest feature is a Direct Message solution where your consumers can send you messages directly within Eber web app or website widget. It’s the most personal form of communication. Your staff will have complete information about the customer – who they are and what they purchased – and are able to respond confidently. 

NPS Score

Net Promoter Score tells you the willingness of your customers to recommend your company, product or services to others based on their experience. Launch NPS surveys through Eber and learn what customers think of you.

Purchase Analytics

Discover the power of data. Piece together what items were sold and who bought them. Understand consumer purchase behaviour and take informed actions. For example, tag all members who ordered “chocolate yoghurt” and recommend your new chocolate product on the next visit or even launch a marketing campaign.