Grow Revenue with Eber Customer Loyalty Solution

Did you know that repeat customers have a 65% chance of revisiting your store? Loyal customers are less sensitive to your pricing as they already love your brand. They also spend 2 to 3 times more than other groups.

With that in mind, Eber's Customer Loyalty Software comes with a range of monetization solutions for you to sell more at the right place, at the right time, and drive prepaid revenue.

Gift Cards

A great gift card program generates revenue you otherwise won’t have. It also helps attract new customers and increase brand awareness. Most gift card spenders end up spending more than the face value – which means more revenue for you. Do it all with Eber – from purchasing digital gift cards to enabling the order of physical gift cards. 

Store Value

Our gift card solution can also be deployed as a store value credit system. Members can make a prepayment or top up their credit and spend later. This is used most commonly when a business encourages prepayment with extra credit. For example, paying $100 and getting $120 to spend in-store. 

StoreCard as Vouchers, Deals, Events Sales

Customers get more with less when they purchase deals. Businesses make more money when customers buy in bulk. It’s a win-win. Eber’s end-to-end solution helps you to manage online sales, deliver e-vouchers and redemption. Create, promote and get payment now. 

StoreCard Options

There is no limitation on what you can sell using the StoreCard. You may pre-sell events, products and services. Here are some examples.
Single Use 
  • High Tea Voucher
  • Spa Voucher
Multiple Use
  • Happy Hour Pass – 25% discount all year long
  • High Tea Vouchers – buy 20 in bulk for cheaper price
Mixed Items
  • Spa and dining package – $350 for spa session and romantic dinner for 2
  • VIP Nite Package – pay $300 for $200 dining voucher and $200 drinks voucher 

Paid Membership

Paid Membership is effective for businesses to secure prepaid revenue and drive customer revisit. In exchange, customers get privileges and benefits which are member-exclusive. Almost all attractions, clubs, hotels and gyms offer such passes or memberships. Eber is sophisticated enough to meet that requirement too. 

Payment Form

Do you need to take payment from your customers easily – especially for RSVP and other ad-hoc services? This where our Payment Form comes in handy. You can set up a payment form in minutes and customers do not have to re-enter their information every time. 


When using our monetization solution, you may need to validate redemption in physical outlets. Eber’s StoreApp supports iPad and any Android devices. Sometimes you may want a purpose-built and dedicated store terminal to do the job. Eber’s StoreApp is integrated into a number of cost-efficient, stylish handheld terminals. Some of them come with printing functions too. You can browse them in our online shop