A sleek data visualization tool that presents you detailed information about your members, revenue and health of your business, all at your fingertips. Take control of your data by using the Dashboard’s customizable features with an extremely user-friendly interface.

✔  Study and manage your members

✔  Examine your revenue

✔  Analyse your call to action strategies


Study and Manage Your Members

Work with comprehensive data that displays results of your members’ transaction frequency, calculated using substantial formulas, and systematically classified into set categories.


New/Joined: Displays results of the number of newly-signed up or joined members acquired within a specific time frame (i.e. 30 days)


Frequent, Loyal and Infrequent: Displays results of the number of members that falls under each category according to their transaction frequency within a specific time frame that may be customized to suit a particular business nature.


At Risk/Dormant: The former displays results of the number of members that have not made any transaction within a specific period of time (i.e. between 90 to 120 days) while the latter are members who have not made any transaction for a duration that is much longer than the former (i.e. more than 120 days).


Examine Your Revenue

  • Predictable revenue is calculated based on the number of Loyal and Frequent members, their frequency of transactions, and average spend per visit within a period of 30 days.
  • Total revenue refers to the results of the overall revenue history based on a time frame that may be selected such as Last Week, Last Month, All Time, or with specific dates using the calendar function.
Member Funneling dashboard function
  • Selecting a Specific Time Frame Display


      • Broken down results of total revenue which reveals the spending amounts for each member category.
      • Total number of members classified into various groups — Join, Purchase, Repeat, and Loyal — in the form of a funnel chart.
      • The top five members (highest points, most transactions, etc.). Clicking ‘View’ on a particular member reveals in-depth member details, while ‘More’ displays a list of all the top members of that period.
Messaging Dashboard

Analyse Your Call to Action Strategy

  • Review the total number of messages sent out to members during a selected period, as well as in-depth data on the amount sent through each particular medium (Email and SMS) and content category (Marketing Bot Messages and One-Time Campaign Messages)  
  • The Marketing Bot helps business owners to save time by sending out automated messages (i.e. birthday greetings, upgrade to VIP status, thank you messages, etc.). Amount of time save will be displayed.
Analyse Your CTA methods by comparing methods