Member Management

Manage your members data with your preferred information on your customised member system. Know what your customers wants and execute a great strategy.

✔   Manage individual member data information

✔   Add new required custom fields

✔   Access control for administrator

✔   Manage data fields visibility.

✔   Export to CSV file format


Manage your member data

Effortlessly manage your member data with Eber Business admin. All member details can be customised to individual business requirement. Members may input their information during registration or update from member WebApp on their mobile device.

Standard data fields

Standard fields have be created in the system allowing business to start operating their member system even without setting up any custom fields. Name, Email, Gender, Birthday Year, Month and Day are pre set in the system and visibility options are able to be determine by businesses.

Custom information

Require data can be custom according to business operation requirement. Businesses are able to use the collected data to categories their members. Custom information can be set as a required field or allow member to have the option to provide it.

Data control

Data can be exported for further operation action for business admin. It may also be editable by administrator to updates changes either upon request by member themselves or make amendment to error entry.