Hoshino Coffee

How A Powerful CRM & Loyalty Program Earned Them 16,000 Loyal Members In 120 Days

Company Overview

Doutor Nichires Holdings (D&N) is a renowned Japanese F&B giant.

The two Japanese F&B giants, Nihon Restaurant System and Doutor Coffee merged in 2007 and established the Doutor Nichires Holdings Co. Ltd.

D&N have been developing restaurant concepts for a very long time. To date, they are responsible for over 2,000 outlets with 40 over brands in Japan.

They have also spread their wings to Singapore, South Korea, China, and Malaysia.

They are the masterminds behind big names in Japanese dining like Hoshino Coffee, Yomenya Goemon, and Chopsticks by The Asian Kitchen in Singapore.

In Singapore, D&N realised that they lacked a powerful tool that could help them get to know their customers better. That would result in better customer service and engagement.

D&N also realised that having a digital system to acquire and keep track of customer’s data is vital to learn about customer behaviour, building a strong database of loyal customers, and eventually increasing their revenue.

Industry: Food & Beverage

Location: Asia

The Challenges

Hoshino did not have a centralised system to collect customer data. Therefore, they were unable to understand customers' spending behaviour and couldn’t identify who their returning & loyal customers were.

The Goals

The Proposed Solution

Customers today are okay with providing their information so long as it benefits them - meaning that they should get something in return. As such, we proposed that Hoshino start with a simple loyalty program.

The loyalty structure should be kept simple; every $1 spent earns customers 1 point. This way, Hoshino was able to build a membership base - while customers got points and rewards in return.

We also suggested that Hoshino adopt a simple referral program to encourage customers to bring their friends and family members over. Referral marketing is the best way to attract new customers without spending too much on acquisition campaigns. This helps to increase customer traffic while keeping acquisition costs low.

Finally, we demonstrated how members of Hoshino can use the digital webapp interface to track their points and rewards. They can also send referral codes to their friends.

Hoshino can also interact with customers using the DM function and feedback form.

Hoshino deployed the loyalty program across 13 outlets, the results were pretty amazing…


New membership sign ups in 5 months


Total rewards redemption


New customers from successful referrals


Email open rate. The restaurant industry open rate in November 2020 stands at 14% .


Increase in loyal customers* (loyal customers is defined by 3 or more visits in 90 days)

How does Hoshino feel about this?

Here’s what their Marketing Manager had to say…

“Our previous loyalty system was very costly and limited. There is no dashboard where we can access the customers' information and it was not equipped with any CRM or marketing features. We've implemented Eber for about 5 months now and so far we're really happy with it. We're able to access the necessary information whenever we need it. The member sign-up process is very swift and straightforward - that has helped us acquire over 15K members in such a short period of time.

My favorite feature is the ability to customize our own loyalty interface. A lot of systems out there that I've encountered have very rigid settings with limited to no room for customization. This customization feature gives us the freedom to extract the customer information we need and also provide customers the information they require to understand our brand and our loyalty program in such a short period of time."

- Corrine Chan, D&N Marketing Manager

Powerful CRM, Marketing & Loyalty Tool

As demonstrated above, Eber is not just a loyalty tool. It can function as a powerful CRM that gives you a 360 view of your customer’s profiles.

Eber also comes with an intuitive backend for all the analytics and numbers you need.
With Eber, you will be able to collect customer’s information and build a solid database.

From there, you are able to see your returning customers, the ones who are inconsistent, and the ones who are dormant.

With this information, you are able to segment your customers and send them targeted messages. You can also lure customers back with points and rewards.

The feature helped Hoshino identify the demographics of their customers and their preferences – which helped to elevate the experiences they created for their customers.

Built-In EDM & SMS Functions

Eber comes with its Eber comes with its own EDM and SMS functions – so you don’t have to worry about investing in a separate tool. That’s one of the best things about Eber – it prides itself as an all-in-one solution. 


Hoshino was able to send marketing emails to their 16,000+ members using Eber’s messaging tools. This helped them to establish meaningful engagement and form a deeper connection with their customers. 


They were also able to keep customers in the loop about new updates and promotions.

Freedom To Customise Loyalty Features & Branding

One of the things most businesses are worried about is not having their own personalised interface for their loyalty program. You won’t have that problem with Eber.

Eber’s webapp can be personalised according to your own branding and colours. In addition to that, we are able to customise features according to your business goals and information that you need – just like Hoshino did.

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