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How Eber Empowered Marché To Move From Paper-Based Loyalty To 100% Digital

A leading marketplace restaurant in Singapore is able to achieve a breakthrough with Eber’s loyalty marketing platform. This is the story of how Eber empowered Marché to go from traditional, paper-based loyalty to a fully digital, all-inclusive loyalty program.

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One of Singapore’s leading marketplace restaurants with Swiss roots.


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The Client

  • Marché Movenpick is one of Singapore’s leading marketplace restaurants with Swiss roots. They take pride in offering a wide selection of fresh and healthy products for their customers.
  • Marché has many restaurants in Switzerland, Germany, Canada, Singapore, Indonesia, Austria, and Croatia.
  • Marché specialises on authentic European delights in a rustic and enchanting Alpine setting right in the heart of Singapore.

The Challenges

  • Marché is unsatisfied with their existing loyalty program system.
  • They relied on the old-fashioned way of using papers and printing to store and access customer information.
  • It was not only inconvenient for them – but also harmful for the environment.
  • They could not keep track of their loyal customers who could be lured back with targeted promotions and customised offers.
  • Customers also could not access their loyalty status or view their rewards options since it’s all done on paper.
  • Marché takes customer experience seriously and are determined to give only the very best for their patrons.
  • In order to do that, they needed a loyalty tool that can cater to their huge customer base, store a bulk of customer information, and also ease customer engagement efforts.
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How Eber’s Loyalty Marketing Solution Revolutionised Marché’s Existing System

Eber’s expert team of consultants came up with a solution to address the client’s challenges & digitalise the clients’ loyalty strategy.

1. Implementation of Eber’s loyalty marketing platform to digitalise the loyalty program

  • Eber helped Marché deploy a digital CRM and loyalty program so they could store all customer information on a cloud-based system that is easily accessible.
  • Data transfer from paper to the loyalty platform was done seamlessly. This enabled Marché to have a central, easy access to all customer data.
  • This enabled the team to identify loyal customers and give them a personalised experience at the store.

2. A solution that goes beyond storing and accessing customer data

  • Marché is able to launch a loyalty program using their own branding. They are also able to customise the loyalty & rewards features according to their goals.
  • In addition to that, Marché utilised a suite of readily available tools on Eber like referral and gift cards to maximise marketing efforts.
  • Eber’s functions like e-mail & SMS campaigns helped Marché to reach out their customers for special offers and promotions. Marché did not need to invest in additional messaging tools.

3. Marché is able to hit the ground running with their new loyalty system

  • Marché immediately launched a $1 Swiss Rosti promotion for their customers who sign up for the loyalty program – which turned out to be a hit.
  • Marché purposed the gamification function during the 2022 Chinese New Year period. They rolled out 4 different rewards with 4 different game levels, which resulted in over 900+ member participation and over 2000+ rewards redemption.
  • Eber’s referral tool is also explored by Marché. By issuing 10% off bakery vouchers on referrals, they managed to accumulate over 380+ successful referrals since the launch of their loyalty program.
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The Results

Fully digital, cloud-based loyalty program for Marché

  • Marché now has a digital loyalty marketing tool that enables them sign up members in just a few seconds.
  • Marché is able to store & access all their customer information easily and systematically. No more papers!

Increased productivity and efficiency for the team

    • Staff members can easily pull up customer information from the system – as opposed to pulling up a binder and spending time searching for a particular customer.

Efficient tracking of loyal customers

  • Marché has managed to track and capture over 40,000 customers in their loyalty program since launching in July 2021.
  • With Eber’s analytics, they also have a clear view of each customer’s profiles, spending behaviour, and other crucial information.

Creative ways to reward & engage customers 

  • Marché is actively using Eber’s other built-in tools like referral and gamification to increase customer engagement and boost repeat purchases.

How does Marché feel about Eber?

In terms of loyalty program, we used to be very old fashioned. We worked a lot on papers. With Eber, it’s easy for us to go digital and be more environment friendly. Plus, the generation now are all on mobile - so it’s easy for customers to access the loyalty program as well. Eber allows us to have more exposure for our loyalty program and come up with interesting ways to reward our customers, such as our 1$ Swiss Rosti promotion which did really well!”
Marché Singapore Country Manager