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Great brands are built on happy customers. Eber is your Consumer Experience Platform. Delight your customers with experiences they never forget.

Why We Build Eber

In fact it cost you 7 times more on average to get a new customer compared to keeping an existing one

What is your marketing cost and strategy for your returning customers?
It’s slow. It’s one-size-fits-all It’s disconnected.
It’s slow. It’s one-size-fits-all It’s disconnected.

Did you know? It costs you 7 times more to acquire a new customer compared to keeping an existing one.

What is your marketing cost and strategy for your returning customers?

It’s so important that you select the right solution to understanding customers and nurturing them into a loyal customer base.

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One-size-fit-all engagement does not work in today’s competitive stage. Your customers are people and not just numbers on a spreadsheet.



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Loyal customers are less sensitive to your pricing as they already love your brand. They also spend 2 to 3 times more than other groups.

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Introducing World's First Experience Directory

We reimagine the way your brand creates unique experiences your customer will never forget. Our Experience Directory provides selections of ready-to-use experiences and you can launch in minutes. There is no one size fit all, adjust your preferences to fit your brands and objectives anytime.

Get a 360 degree view into each consumer’s journey, experiences, feedback and conversation with your brand.

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Eber comes with a range of monetization solutions for you to sell more at the right place, at the right time, and drive prepaid revenue.

Get a 360 degree view into each consumer’s journey, experiences, feedback and conversation with your brand.

Connect with your targeted consumers via campaign, automated messages and one-on-one conversation.

Playbooks are selections of ready to start strategies and features to drive loyalty, engagement and build meaningful relationships with your consumers.

Get insights using data from consumers, purchase history and more. Make informed decisions by understanding your consumers.

Let your consumers access your brand with their preferred choice of channel - including mobile browser, Apple Wallet and even the good old plastic card.

Our technology, Your Unfair Advantage

Eber works with hundreds of forward thinking brands globally. Your brand is built for the long term, so must the technology you choose. 


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What Customers Are Saying About Us


"Very responsive team, always willing to make the best of the projects. My favourite part of the experience is how open Eber is to develop new integrations and find the best way to deploy the infrastructure."

Tomas Lucena,
IT Manager


We chose Eber because it was very flexible and easy to integrate with Shopify. That was very important to us — to ensure a seamless shopping experience for online and offline customers. The system is quite user-friendly for customers and our staffs as well.

Jaren Ho,
Yacht 21 Founder


"Eber is easy to use and it's quick in the sense that there is no card to carry, therefore guests find this convenient and efficient."

The Sukhothai Bangkok,
5 Star Hotel in Thailand


“With the new digital membership system in place, the processing time of the Faber Licence membership has been significantly reduced and management of membership privileges has become so much easier.”

Yong Qiao Qing
Senior Manager, Guest Relations & CRM


Eber understands businesses and works around businesses. The team is very responsive and would go above and beyond to try to solve any challenge. Eber is open to understanding what your business needs and is willing to develop new functions to allow a smarter workforce.

Marcus Wong
Chief Commercial Officer

Eber Transforms Consumer Experiences
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