Surviving Post Pandemic
5 Powerful Business Solutions For 2021

Moving in 2021, we can no longer do things like before. 

Customers have gotten accustomed to having everything from food, groceries, and gym equipment delivered to their doorstep. This makes customer engagement more important than ever before.


The majority of the workforce has switched from the physical office to the comfort of their home. New practices had to be put in place to keep employees focused and motivated. 

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In this webinar, you will be introduced to 5 powerful solutions to power your business through a challenging 2021.

Equip yourselves with these unfair advantages and outplay your competitors. Best of all, this webinar is free.

Keynote Speakers

Host by Gowri

Content Marketing Specialist


Commercial Lead


Sales & Business Dev

Kenneth Yeow

Partnerships Advocate


Commercial Lead

Wei Cong

Sales & Business Dev

At the end of this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to turn new customers into loyal customers
  • Alternatives to raise funding for your business
  • How to increase employee retention & team morale

This webinar will be conducted via Zoom. Participants will be given the link upon registration. Come join us!

Date: 10 March 2021 

Time: 3pm