Better Experience with Eber

Eber is built to give you and your customers utmost convenience. Our loyalty marketing tool is designed to deliver better experience for everyone involved – from your team members to your customers.

What do we mean by Better Experience:


We at Eber envision a world where delivering exceptional customer experience is simple for businesses. Any brand, big or small, should have the right tools to meaningfully connect and engage with their customers.

Our simple yet powerful software is designed to help businesses retain customers through effective loyalty and marketing solutions. Eber is built with speed and efficiency in mind. With Eber, you can turn your new customers into life-long customers within minutes.

Eber is also user-friendly. Not just for you and your team – but also for your customers. With just the tap of a few buttons, your customers can view their points, make redemptions, or make purchases for items and gift cards. You can easily reach out to your customers for heartfelt personalisation, timely communication, or other targeted offers too.

Whether you run a multinational company or a small bakery in town, Eber can be customised to help you reach your customer retention goals while building long-term loyalty with your customers.