The Providore

Eber's seamless integration made things easy for The Providore

Managing Director of Providore, Bruce Chapman, talks about providing high-quality customer experience at the The Providore and why they would highly recommend Eber as a loyalty marketing solution.

The Providore café has a wide selection of cheeses, gourmet food, retail groceries and bakery.


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Company Overview

The Providore is a company that operates a cafe, deli, bakery, grocery, and wine shop.

The pleasure of discovering, creating and sharing good food is what inspired Providore to develop the brand. Good food in all its forms; wholesome, traditional, innovative, nurturing, and nourishing is what drives them.

Located in Singapore, one of the most eclectic and food-loving cultures in the world. Bringing together the world’s best products and ingredients, together with the brightest local talent, The Providore is a brand synonymous with quality and innovation, which is proud to be launching in Singapore.

Interview with Bruce, Managing Director of Providore

How does Providore feel about this?

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“The main impact to the business as we have engaged with our online platform more than we ever had. From the feedback I get from the Marketing team is they have had very positive experiences and Eber is very supportive.

We did a lot of research, we try a couple of programs in between and so far we haven’t found one that equal to Eber that suits our business needs…”

Bruce Chapman
Managing Director, The Providore