Loyalty & Feedback For Food Delivery

Food delivery is becoming a must have for most restaurants. Restaurants may be using one or more food ordering and delivery platforms.
In additional to their own channels. That’s the right way to maximum exposure and sales.

With so many channels, how can businesses ensure quality products and services are delivered? How to ensure feedbacks are heard and how can they engage new and existing customers on different channels?

Eber solution offers a great way to build a loyal customer base in this even changing world. And making sure feedback is delivered to YOU directly.

The Challenges

Your food and packaged products are delivered to your customers via 3rd party platforms. While your own ordering channel is handle by staff with overwhelming orders.

Your customer receiving the orders might very well be your long term loyal customers. And you do not want a repeated customer to be disappointed with a one off bad experience.

Will tell the family and friend about the experience

Will escalate to a supervisor or manager

Will never use the company again

The Solutions

Eber Consumer Experience Solution provide a simple solution for your customers to connect with the brand directly – to give feedback or to engage just because they love your product.

A QR code is sticked on the product for them to give feedback, get loyalty points and enroll into your member program. 

How it’s done?

Customers to Scan QR code that is attached to the food packaging and go to App.

Customers select action to Get Points or Send Feedback

Customers earn points and get rewarded


  • QR sticker is easy to attach to your delivery.
  • Each QR is unique so it cannot be rescan to get points more than once.
  • Each QR is unique so you know which location and the item customer purchased.
  • QR sticker is printed with your brand design, no 3rd party branding. You prompt your own business, not someone else.

Example of Customise Print

The format of the printing can be label, small size card, or any other preferred method which can be decided between the brand and the printer. *Eber do not provide printing services, we recommend to check the design and print format with your local printers.

Pilot Test

Eber is currently offering this solution to selected merchants to run a pilot test. We can coordinate on printing branded QR sticker during pilot test. Customer can make order with their preferred local printer for production run.

Sticker pricing 4cm x 4cm full color

  • 100 pcs = SGD 80 = SGD 0.8 per pcs (for test print)
  • 5000 pcs = SGD 250 = SGD 0.05 per pcs
  • 20,000 pcs = SGD 700 = SGD 0.035 per pcs

*Price including SG shipping or countries within SEA.

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