Loyalty Program
for Bar & Pubs

Our loyalty program is perfect for small and large venues alike. Whether it be a pub or a bar, reward your customers the Eber way. Easy to install, easy to use, and flexible to fit your business needs.

If you run a pub or bar, Eber loyalty program will help you to create strong bonds with your customers. For the first time, you can offer rewarding incentives and tailor promotions to meet different needs. 

Loyalty Points

The Eber loyalty program is a cloud-based solution that allows bars and pubs to reward customers for their visits at the perfect time. If you want to make your customers happy, increase revenue, and attract new customers, Eber loyalty program is one of the best solutions.

Customers can use their mobile phone to show loyalty cards to collect points and get attractive discount offers from your bar or pub.

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Digital Stamps

Eber provided digital stamps card platform that helps your restaurants increase sales and attract more customers. 

We can collect stamps more easily and the card never gets lost. Finally, brands get to know who their customers are and can choose to reward more loyalty members differently.


Rewards is an important part of a loyalty program. With it you can offer customers rewards for simply eating out or drinking in your pubs and bars, so that they’ll keep coming back to you again and again.

We also automate personalised Welcome Reward, Birthday Rewards, Anniversivery Rewards and more on Eber. No customer will be forgotten.

Redemption Options

By working with brands of different sizes and various industrials. Eber understands that the redemption process can be very different depending on each operation.

Customers can redeem their rewards via the Member Web App, at the physical store, or redeem from an online store. We believe our options can always fit into your unique requirements. 

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