Traditional Stamp Cards vs Eber’s Digital Stamp Cards

Ditch the Punch Cards! Discover the benefits of digital loyalty programs. Learn how to ditch the hassle of physical cards and engage customers with a convenient, mobile-friendly solution.

Stamp cards are the easiest way to hook customers in and build their loyalty.

The gamification factor makes sure that customers can’t wait to visit you again and get the next stamp.

Customers know for sure that after they complete a certain number of visits – they will receive a free cup of coffee, a dessert, a haircut, and so on.

Stamp cards are great. They are quick and easy to launch – all you need is a card and a stamp. They don’t delay transactions and the reward is almost instant. It involves very little training for your employees.

However, using physical stamp cards may have some cons as the following:

1. Easy to lose

Let’s face it – cards are very easy to lose or misplace. When customers forget to bring their cards, they don’t get the stamp and they won’t be very happy about that.

If they lose the card, that’s worse. They’d have to start collecting stamps all over again. Imagine if they are just one stamp short of receiving their free gift – and they lose their card and have to start over? Certainly not an ideal situation for both the business owner and the customers.


2. Physical card can be duplicated


With the advance of technology, a physical stamp card can easily be duplicated. Even the stamp can be forged. Customers might even exchange cards between friends.

The only way to prevent this is to keep a close eye on the serial numbers and the authenticity of the card – which is really not worth the extra effort for your employees.


3. Physical card can be damaged


Physical stamp cards and easily wear out and tear because they are made out of paper. When a card is damaged, it might be tricky to keep track of the rewards and stamps that customers have received.


4. Customers may get demotivated 


As mentioned above, customers might feel demotivated to walk into your store in the situation that they forgot their card – or even worse – lost it. They do not want to miss out on a stamp or risk starting over.

So how do you solve this problem? By going digital of course.

Customers today may forget their cards – but they will never forget their phones. This is where Eber comes in.

Why use Eber? 

Eber provides a digital stamp card feature that solves every problem mentioned above. Each customer will have their own stamp card that is unique to them.

Customers will never lose or forget their stamp card 

Customer’s stamp card is stored in their phones in a web app. This stamp card can be accessed anytime, anywhere – at just a tap of the finger.

Customers know that whenever they walk into your store, they just have to pull out their phone to get the stamp. No more forgetting the card or losing it.

Digital stamp cards cannot be damaged or duplicated

Each customer has their own stamp card that is unique to them in the app. Therefore, it is almost impossible to be duplicated or damaged.

Customers can rest assured that all the stamps collected are right there and can be used whenever needed.

Contactless stamping for customer’s safety

In the midst of a pandemic, contactless transactions are on the rise. Customers don’t even want to use cash or cards anymore – they want to use mobile wallets to reduce physical contact.

As such, digital stamp cards ensure that customers can collect stamps without compromising their safety and hygiene.

Track customers, not just stamps

Eber allows you to go beyond stamps.

With physical stamp cards, you know nothing about the customer – except how many coffees they have purchased to date.

Eber allows you to go deeper and get to know your customers. You will know their names, date of births, age group, likes and dislikes.

All these will come in handy when you need to do some targeted, personalised promotions.

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