Loyalty Program for Cafe

Eber is a cloud-based loyalty program designed for cafes to enhance the brand image and consumer experience. 

It helps the cafe owners to save time and expense on the administration of their loyalty programs, as well as offering a feature-rich loyalty program to their customers – all in one place.

We’re building a platform for cafes to create and manage loyalty programs – a smarter way for guests to earn, track, and redeem points.

Loyalty Points

Loyalty points are your brand currency. Eber offers a Loyalty points system that encourages patrons to return to your cafe more often.

As your patrons return and accumulate Reward Points, they can be redeemed towards future purchases.

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Digital Stamps

Eber provided digital stamps card platform that helps your cafe’s increase sales and attract more customers. 

We can collect stamps more easily and the card never gets lost. Finally, brands get to know who their customers are and can choose to reward more loyalty members differently.


Rewards is an important part of a loyalty program. 

Eber Rewards Experience allows you to set up rewards in different redemption scenarios. It can be as simple or as complex as you like.

We also automate personalised Welcome Reward, Birthday Rewards, Anniversary Rewards and more on Eber. No customer will be forgotten.

Redemption Options

By working with brands of different sizes and various industrials. Eber understands that the redemption process can be very different depending on each operation.

Customers can redeem their rewards via the Member Web App, or at the cafe store. We believe our options can always fit into your unique requirements. 

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