Loyalty Program
for Fashion Retail

Eber is a highly innovative loyalty program platform designed for fashion retail, offering deeper customer engagement and far greater levels of customer loyalty.

Fashion retailers can generate more valuable ‘eyeballs’ from their existing customers, use data to identify new audiences and unleash new areas of growth and profitability in the industry.

Loyalty Points

Loyalty points are your brand currency. Eber offers a Loyalty points system that encourages patrons to return to your retail more often.

As your patrons return and accumulate Reward Points, they can be redeemed towards future purchases.

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Rewards is an important part of a loyalty program. The goal is to create an easy way for customers to receive discounts and manage their purchasing habits.

We also automate personalised Welcome Reward, Birthday Rewards, Anniversary Rewards and more on Eber. No customer will be forgotten.

Ecommerce Rewards Redemption

Running an ecommerce or omni-channel business can also mean your members can claim a reward online. With Eber, your members can redeem an online reward right within the Eber website Widget.

Depending on the ecommerce platform, your members could apply their discount right at the checkout page, making your redemption experience seamless.

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Redemption Options

By working with brands of different sizes and various industrials. Eber understands that the redemption process can be very different depending on each operation.

Customers can redeem their rewards via the Member Web App, at the physical store, or redeem from an online store. We believe our options can always fit into your unique requirements. 

Integrations & API

Eber already integrates with a long list of PoS software, ecommerce platforms and payment gateways. We also have an Open API, making integration to any other solution possible.

API endpoints for adding new purchase transactions and retrieving member points details are available.

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