[PODCAST] Ian Williams Explains How A Complex CX Strategy Can Apply To A Bakery

Speaking to Ian, we’ve discovered 8 steps to building a winning CX strategy

Every restaurant, hotel, cafe, grocery store, or bakery owner in the world wants their customers to walk away feeling happy and satisfied. No one wants their customers to feel angry and upset.

Some business owners feel like they are doing everything right – yet it is still not yielding the desired results.

They have trained their staff well – always smiling and greeting everyone that walks in. There are special lunch sets and happy hour.

However, customers are still not coming back.

This is because there may be a gap between what you think your customers want vs what they actually want.

In this podcast, customer experience expert Ian Williams tells us how you can fix this by identifying the following:

  • Pain Points
  • Moments of truth
  • Commercial Opportunities
  • Wow Opportunities

These four metrics can help with both big businesses and small businesses – no matter what industry.

Listen here:

With over 25 years of CX, marketing & consultancy experience, Ian Williams has helped some of the world’s leading brands revamp their CX strategy and put customers first.

Ian starts with identifying the problems that an organisation is facing and then helps to map out a solution that is practical, functional, and rewarding.

He also helps to successfully align their CX goals with improved top and bottom-line performance.

Listen to Ian talk about his 8 steps to building a CX strategy – one he has used to help many businesses around the world.

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