8 Ways Your Video Content Can Boost Customer Engagement

Hook Viewers, Grow Engagement! Learn 8 creative video strategies to capture attention, spark conversation, and turn viewers into loyal fans.

But the biggest culprit these days is social media. While users’ attention spans are dropping as time goes by, we need to find a way to adapt to change.

Videos are great in grabbing the attention of a user for several reasons. In fact, according to research, people are 27 times more likely to click on a video instead of a static image. They are also excellent at engaging viewers.

In fact, videos are likely to get 1200% more shares than photos and texts!

This post will walk you through the eight effective ways to use video to boost customer engagement.

1. Share video content on social media

You can use video to engage people on social media. Approximately 3.8 billion people are using social media to make informed decisions. This data shows that most of your prospects are on these social platforms. Video content will help you achieve your goals and perform tasks seamlessly.

So, start working on your brand reputation to boost your ROI and maximize conversion rates, which can be enhanced by adding videos to your marketing strategy.

You can also encourage people to like, comment and share because the higher these numbers are, the more engagement your video will have. The more likely you’ll also succeed with your efforts.

2. Use storytelling

The hard truth behind many businesses today is an over-saturation of brands and companies doing everything to stand out from the rest of the pack.

With the internet giving consumers access to more information, brands have to go above and beyond to engage people with unique stories.

So, think about the ways that make your brand different from everyone else. What makes you unique from everyone else out there?

3. Add captions and subtitles to your videos

Do you want more people to watch and understand the value of your videos? You can pique their interest by adding captions and subtitles.

Although captions are audio’s transcripts and are usually made for people with hearing issues, subtitles are translations for those who have difficulty understanding the speaker’s accent or may not know the language at all.

The following are the benefits of adding captions and transcriptions:

  • People who have difficulty hearing can watch, enjoy, and understand your video.
  • Those watching your videos in public can still watch and understand your video even if the sound is turned off.
  • Non-native speakers with foreign accents or difficulty understanding can watch and engage with your videos.

4. Provide transcripts of your video

Although you might think that captions and transcripts are the same, they each have their purpose and benefit.

A video transcript is the final transcription output, wherein words spoken on the video are turned into text, either by a human transcriptionist, technology, or both.

Here are the benefits of transcribing audio in your videos:

  • Enhances your video SEO so that it ranks higher on search engines. That’s because search engines couldn’t read videos yet.
  • It makes your videos searchable so that people can look up transcripts for keywords or a specific topic or phrase.
  • It improves viewers’ understanding of educational videos since it serves as a study guide or reference.

Furthermore, you can come up with an interactive transcript wherein the audio content is synced with the time to highlight the text when spoken.

Doing so gives off a more interactive experience. Viewers can click anywhere in the transcript, and the video will start playing at that point.

5. Create custom thumbnails

Do you know that the top-performing videos on Youtube have a custom thumbnail?

In a nutshell, a thumbnail is the small clickable image that you use to identify your video on search results and social media previews.

It offers just enough information for viewers to click and watch.

Here are some handy tips for creating video thumbnails:

  • Stay consistent with your style and design
  • Pick a color scheme and nice contrasts
  • Use sharp and clear font images
  • Make use of faces or facial expressions that represent your video’s content.
  • Include your website or logo

6. Keep your videos under 2 minutes

According to a study by Wistia, the optimal length for videos is 2 minutes. Videos up to two minutes long generate more engagement than a 40-second or 70-second video. To enhance your video content, you can use an online video editor tool for seamless editing and customization.

After two minutes, the possibility of losing your viewer’s attention increases.

7. Create video testimonials

Genuine video testimonials from users allow you to create opportunities and provide your customers with the right solutions. Sharing testimonials is a sure-fire way to make your brand stand out from the rest of the pack.

The best part about creating testimonials is that it helps your viewers decide whether the product fits their needs better or not in a small amount of time.

So, start creating as many testimonials from happy and satisfied customers as possible. Doing so engages your prospects and makes them convert in the long run.

8. Keep your video title short and informative

Another great way to make your video content stand out is to make your titles short but provide as much information as possible at a glance.

Here are ways how to keep your titles short and informative:

  • Use lists or numbers
  • Use relevant keywords
  • Spark curiosity
  • Stay away from misleading information
  • Try to be honest and specific
  • Make use of a headline analyzer
  • Try to keep it short and sweet

Wrapping It Up

There’s no doubt that video marketing can help you gain more customers and grow your business in the long run.

But to begin with, you need to know who your target audience is and where you can find them online. You also need to have a good understanding of the different video marketing best practices.

Not only does this allow you to generate more awareness for your business with video content, but it’s also easier to attract, engage, and turn your target audience into repeat customers that buy regularly.