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A loyalty program that caters to all your needs, regardless the industry.
We’ve got you covered!


Cafés, fast food diners, fine dining outlets, bars… There’s a loyalty program available for every type of counter.

Retail Shop

Keep your customers close with a member’s program suitable for all kinds of retail outlets, selling all kinds of goods.


Go big or go home. The ultimate plan equipped with powerful and scalable features to meet the demands of larger corporations.


From small scale boutique hotels to large chains, we’re here to help you achieve that five-star experience.


Whether it’s a strip mall, mega mall or anything in between, here’s one solution to keep your shoppers shopping with you.


A loyalty program that increase visits and completes the overall experience for your visitors.


Delight your diners and customers with rewards and members-only benefits

Your loyal customers worth more than you think!

On average, loyal customers are worth up to 10x as much as their first purchase. 83% of loyalty program members say that rewards programs make them more likely to continue doing business with a certain brand.

Finally, 89% of millennials say that they would be more loyal to retailers offering the benefits they want most.


Grow your business and your repeat customers by making them feel recognized


Build a loyalty scheme to reward your returning customers and members.

Birthday Treats

Surprise every member on their birthday.

Multi-Tiered Membership

One size does not fit all! Add multi-tiered membership to fit your needs.

Gift Card

Prepaid value gift card helps business generate more revenues.


Delivering hospitality at its finest with the ultimate hotel loyalty program

79% of consumers only consider brands that show they care and understand about their individual needs

Implementing a hotel loyalty program and offering member’s-only perks is the best way to make your guests feel special.

The best part?
The simplicity of the entire experience, because there is no app to install, no card to carry, and no password to remember.


It's the overall experience that counts

Give your visitors every reason to come back. Deliver the unforgettable kind of experience that gets them talking about your brand even after they’ve left your premises. Take advantage of customizable features such as the multi-tier membership, marketing messaging and more, to effectively retain your faithful customers. Engage with your members, study their trends, and drive customer satisfaction with highly personalized rewards to keep them coming through your doors year in, year out.

One Faber Group and Gardens by The Bay in Singapore


The crowd-pulling solution for a bustling mall all year round

Loyalty is scarce. Competition is stiff. Equip your mall with a loyalty program to keep your shoppers shopping with you and your merchants throughout all seasons. Keep them informed of your mall’s unique offerings and entice them with rewards to encourage revisits. Make full use of dynamic features that helps you to grasp the ever-changing demands of your customers, construct successful and targeted retention strategies through rich data, and build long-term relationships with your shoppers.

Yas Mall is one of Abu Dhabi's largest malls. In January 2017, Forbes recognized Yas Mall as one of the top five shopping malls in Abu Dhabi.


The preferred loyalty program for the big players in the industry

robust customer-centric plan specially crafted to meet the needs of bigger players in the industry. Engage with your customers and successfully drive them to choose your brand every time they shop. Leverage on powerful features that are extremely secure, fully customizable, and capable of seamlessly catering to large volume of traffic and transactions.

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