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Consumer Loyalty Report

Understanding Consumer Loyalty in APAC and what drives customer spending in 2024.

Retain Your Customers Today!

The Evolving Marketer

Across industries, there has been a move from traditional channels to an omnichannel customer service strategy. Here’s why it matters.

Global Ecommerce sales growing at an astronomical rate forecasted to grow to $5,542 billion by 2022 and expected to grow by 50% …

Explore CX trends that wins you lasting customers. A blog co-written with Freshworks.

Speaking to Ian, we’ve discovered 8 steps to building a winning CX strategy

Best ways to plan campaigns, target audiences, and create buzz around holidays and special occasions.

Make data driven insights to build a customer-centric loyalty program

Industry Insights

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Retention Fundamentals

Discover 6 powerful strategies to keep users engaged, coming back for more, and turning them into loyal brand advocates.

Stop Chasing New Customers: 5 Ways to Retain Existing Ones and Boost Profits.

Explore the differences between these two widely used terms to enable real retention value.

Explore the MY7E loyalty program that 7-Eleven launched in Malaysia, learn about their curated rewards and more.

Looking to dip your toes in starting a loyalty program? Explore these 5 loyalty program ideas that you can easily start for …

Learn 4 essential tips to launch a rewarding loyalty program that keeps them coming back for more bites (and sips!).

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Business social media pages if done correctly, is an amazing tool brand can use to build credibility and connection with your audiences …

A quick guide in positioning your business for user centricity.