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Consumer Loyalty Report

Understanding Consumer Loyalty in APAC and what drives customer spending in 2024.

Retain Your Customers Today!

The Evolving Marketer

Explore the different stages of your customer journey and spot key moments that enable better customer experience for your business.

Explore how automation could fit in your workflow and reach your goals faster, even in your sleep.

Referrals are great but many businesses struggle to fully utilise it’s power. Discover 5 referral ideas to drive higher engagement for your …

Instead of hammering over templated offers, explore these exciting email prompts to generate engaging email marketing responses in the e-commerce world.

Extend your customer’s life cycle and start building your customer base, not replenishing it.

Tis the season! Leveraging on these curated ideas to boost traffic and revenue growth during the busy holiday seasons.

Industry Insights

Explore the MY7E loyalty program that 7-Eleven launched in Malaysia, learn about their curated rewards and more.

Turn One-Time Stays into Loyal Guests. Discover 5 powerful strategies to create unforgettable experiences, build guest loyalty, and keep your hotel rooms …

How are you meeting your customers’ innate needs when they wine and dine in your upscale restaurant?

How can you create the best possible customer experience on a platform like Amazon? Read On. 

Xavier Mah shares the impact of branding for small businesses’ growth. Read more.

Learn 4 essential tips to launch a rewarding loyalty program that keeps them coming back for more bites (and sips!).

Retention Fundamentals

Extend your customer’s life cycle and start building your customer base, not replenishing it.

Explore the best ways to create, execute, and optimise a winning gift card strategies for your business.

Facebook Instagram Linkedin Youtube Table of content 1) Explain the reason you have the loyalty program in place​ 2) Provide sufficient training …

CX and UX are often used interchangeably, explore how they actually work hand in hand to optimise your CX strategies.

Drive traffic and boost customer retention for health and wellness centres.

Across industries, there has been a move from traditional channels to an omnichannel customer service strategy. Here’s why it matters.

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