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Consumer Loyalty Report

Understanding Consumer Loyalty in APAC and what drives customer spending in 2024.

Retain Your Customers Today!

The Evolving Marketer

Building your email list is just as important as having one, find out the best ways to curate your content for your …

Business social media pages if done correctly, is an amazing tool brand can use to build credibility and connection with your audiences …

A quick guide in positioning your business for user centricity.

Event marketing drives significant branding, social, and revenue boost. Check out the best tips to host successful marketing events, even for small …

Balancing resource and intentionality, here are strategies to look into if you’re looking to create an online shopping experience that genuinely connects …

Hook Viewers, Grow Engagement! Learn 8 creative video strategies to capture attention, spark conversation, and turn viewers into loyal fans.

Industry Insights

Keep customers coming back for more with these 6 essentials in operational excellence within your F&B business.

Understand the ins and outs of e-commerce and how it’s shaping consumer behaviour today.

Instead of hammering over templated offers, explore these exciting email prompts to generate engaging email marketing responses in the e-commerce world.

Identify these critical mistakes that are blocking revenue growth on your e-commerce.

Drive traffic and boost customer retention for health and wellness centres.

Global Ecommerce sales growing at an astronomical rate forecasted to grow to $5,542 billion by 2022 and expected to grow by 50% …

Retention Fundamentals

Customer retention is never rocket science, but it takes the right attention to detail in your customer’s journey to drive stellar results. …

Explore how an integrated loyalty program boosts your e-commerce revenue.

Ditch the Punch Cards! Discover the benefits of digital loyalty programs. Learn how to ditch the hassle of physical cards and engage …

Thinking of kick-starting your own rewards program? Great decision, by the way. Explore the best way to start one for your business …

Understand the ins and outs of e-commerce and how it’s shaping consumer behaviour today.

Discover how an Omni-channel and Multichannel marketing model creates very different experiences for your consumers.

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