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Select from a wide range of cutting-edge features made available to craft the ideal loyalty program for your business. From physical cards and multi-tiered memberships, to marketing messaging and reports for data collection — customize these features down to the detail to suit your business nature to achieve optimal results.

Physical Card

We put a twist to the traditional style. Issue physical cards with digital advancement features.

Gift Card

A popular revenue-generating tool.

Branded Web App

Allow your members to access their information via your brand’s platform on their mobile devices.


Build a loyalty scheme to reward your returning customers and members.

Birthday Treats

Suprise every member on their birthday.

Paid Membership

Manage a membership program that incurs payment to signup and renew.

Multiple Stores

Run your membership program across all multiple outlets.

Stamp Card

Collect stamps when members make purchases in your stores for a hassle-free transaction.

Multi-Tiered Membership

Incorporate tiers in your rewards program to set milestones for customers to achieve.

Digital Member Card

Go cardless. Present member card via mobile.

Marketing Messaging

Connect to your member base with a built-in marketing tool.

Member Management

Manage your members’ data with preferred information on your customized member system.


Plan your strategies from your collected data through summary reports and analytics.


A sleek data visualization tool that presents you detailed information about your members